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Luke Apthorpe & Family take great pride in the quality and presentation of our funeral home facilities.

Luke Apthorpe & Family maintain its premises, equipment and vehicles to the highest standards and meet the  standards of the Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA).

Our funeral home offices are modern and comfortable.



Our reception areas are the first point of call when making a visit to Luke Apthorpe & Family. You will be welcomed and attended to promptly. Our waiting areas are comfortable and tea, coffee and water are complimentary.



These arrangement rooms are specially designed for making funeral arrangements, giving our client families every opportunity to personalise their loved ones funeral by providing examples of products available such as floral arrangements and sympathy wreaths, balloons, memorial books, orders of service booklets, memorial stationary, DVD tributes, Music choices, Photograph enlargements etc. A screen is located in each arrangement room to show products and variations to products on display, photographs of churches, funeral chapels, open air chapels, catering venues and function centres, catering menus, monuments and memorial options etc.  Our arrangement rooms also have display areas where you can view special items such as memorial urns and jewellery. Your funeral consultant will attend to all your needs and ensure that your visit is as comfortable as can be. Your funeral consultant is there for you to help personalise funeral arrangements and to create a meaningful celebration of life.



At Luke Apthorpe & Family, we understand that grieving the loss of a loved one can be an upsetting and often traumatic experience. Family members may need to take a break from making funeral arrangements to refresh themselves. Complimentary tea, coffee and water are available in our Refreshment area, and bathroom facilities are located close by. Your funeral consultant is in no hurry so please take all the time you need.



Viewings take place in our viewing chapel which is located at our head office in Kurri Kurri. This is a quiet space where families can gather in comfort to say farewell to their loved ones. It is not uncommon for us to host viewings, where 30 or more people are in attendance.

Our staff are qualified mortuary technicians, and we ensure preparations for viewings are to the highest standards. We would not allow viewings to take place unless we are certain that the deceased looks as natural and true to their self as possible. Directions are taken by the family during the funeral arrangement as to clothing and jewellery to be worn, make-up, hair and nails etc.



Our hearse and fleet of cars are located at our head office in Kurri Kurri. Our staff carefully prepare, clean and detail the hearse prior to each funeral. We take great pride in our presentation in all aspects of the funeral home.



This is where handles and name-plates are placed on coffins and drapery inside coffins. Coffins are often customised to families requests or requirements. Symbols and ornaments are attached to the coffins which is often influenced by the religious beliefs or cultural background of the deceased. We are also able to custom design coffins by request (time permitting). 



Our state-of-the-art mortuary facility is located at our head office in Kurri Kurri. It was purpose built in 2000 with all new modern equipment and meeting all of the Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA) accreditation standards, Occupational Health & Safety requirements and Health regulations and specifications. We provide a safe and positive working environment for our staff and the mortuary is no exception.