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Funeral Venue Considerations

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Funeral venue facilities vary greatly and where possible, we have provided details about parking, seating capacity, standing capacity, after funeral catering facilities, sound and audio-visual facilities etc.

Things to consider

  • Number of attendees:

    Please remember to consider the number of people that may attend the funeral service when choosing the funeral venue and location. Exact numbers are impossible to determine however an approximate number can be determined taking into consideration the number of family members and friends that may attend.

  • Venue Size:

    Please discuss your needs with our funeral consultant who will be able to assist with booking a suitable location.

    Small venues with limited seating capacity (for example less than 40 seats) are not recommended for funeral services that are open to the public via open invitation or advertised in newspaper funeral notices. Small venues can be a nice intimate location to hold a funeral service for small private gatherings, however when a venue overflows it is hard for everyone to feel a part of the service if they are standing outside or can't hear properly.

    Medium to Large venues are suitable for funeral services that are open to the public via open invitation or advertised in newspaper funeral notices.

    Extra large venues such as Town Halls, Auditoriums or Sports Stadiums can also be organised if you feel the funeral service will attract a large number of attendees.

  • After the Funeral:

    The Committal
    In some cases such as a Grave-side funeral service or Chapel service at a Crematorium, the committal will take place all in the one location. However if the funeral service is held at a separate location such as a Church, the committal may follow the funeral service in another location such as at a Cemetery or Crematorium Chapel. If this is the case, take into consideration the travel time from the location of the main funeral service to the location of the committal.

    The Wake or Informal Gathering
    An informal gathering may also need to be organised to take place after the formal proceedings. Consider the location and travelling time back to where the wake or refreshments will be held. This may be held at the same location in some circumstances if the chosen venue has adequate facilities, or it may be held at a function centre. If the family wish to hold the wake at their home, we can organise catering or you may choose to handle the catering yourself with the help of the family.



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