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Our funeral consultants will ask the familiy during the funeral arrangement if they would like an opportunity to view the deceased before the funeral service.

A viewing is a time where family and friends can gather to offer their personal farewell to the deceased. The casket is open for viewing the deceased and each person can approach the casket when they feel they are ready and comfortable to do so.

Please note that under certain circumstances a viewing may not be possible. If you are concerned about this please discuss this with your funeral consultant. 

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Most families choose to have a private viewing prior to the funeral service, with a Closed Casket during the funeral service.  An "Open Casket" is the option where the casket remains open during the funeral service for the purpose of viewing the deceased. It is not common practice to hold a public funeral service with an Open Casket, however this may be customary for different cultural and religious groups to do this.

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A viewing can take place privately with family and friends who wish to view the deceased. The family can personally invite family and friends to attend the viewing, as this is not usually open for all who attend the funeral service unless this is the families wish.

A private viewing can take place prior to the funeral service, in a private setting at the location of the funeral (e.g. church or chapel). Some chapels have dedicated viewing rooms which can be booked prior to the funeral. We also provide a beautiful viewing chapel at our Funeral Home. Please note that we require notice in advance if a viewing is required, so preparations can be made at the chosen location.

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Luke Apthorpe and our experienced male or female staff members take great care and pride in our work. Preparing for a viewing is no different. Our staff take a great deal of care when preparing for a viewing, to ensure that the deceased is presented in a dignified manner and true to their character and appearance. We encourage you to provide the deceased's clothing, make up, cologne or perfume, hair products and other items to help personalise the viewing experience.

Our staff are qualified, highly skilled and educated in mortuary work and restorative art. We would not allow viewings to take place unless we are certain that the deceased looks as natural and true to their self as possible.

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Clothing can be purchased new or select from the deceased's wardrobe. We recommend that the family choose clothing that the deceased would have been comfortable in. Here are some suggestions of what to consider when organising clothing:

Men's Clothing

  • Essentials: Underwear, Socks, Singlet. 
  • Accessories: Dress Shoes or Casual Shoes (Sandals or Thongs), Hat or Cap, Belt, Watch, Glasses, Tie, Jewellery (Review our Policy for Jewellery below).
  • Black Tie: Suit Trousers and Jacket, Dress Shirt and accessories.
  • Semi-Formal: Suit Trousers and Jacket Optional, Jacket, Dress Shirt and accessories.
  • Casual: Casual Outfit such as Shorts or Pants, Collared Shirt or T-Shirt.

Women's Clothing

  • Essentials: Underwear, Bra, Stockings* or Socks, Singlet.
  • Accessories: Shoes, Belt, Watch, Glasses, Jewellery (Review our Policy for Jewellery below). 
  • Formal: Formal Dress or Suit.
  • Casual: Blouse and Skirt, Dress or Casual Outfit.

Family members can provide clothing for the deceased to be dressed in. In some circumstances this may be pre-organised by the deceased prior to death.

Luke Apthorpe & Family will also assist in the purchase of new clothing if required and we will attend to the correct clothing sizes etc. We have provided an online catalogue you may wish to choose from and we can organise the clothing on your behalf. The availability and cost of any items chosen from this online catalogue will be discussed prior to ordering and will be added to your account at cost price from our supplier. Items such as accessories and essentials can also be purchased on the client's behalf and can be discussed with your funeral consultant during the funeral arrangement process.

NEW CLOTHING CATALOGUE (Male and Female Clothing Options)
Samples of the New Clothing range:




Luke Apthorpe & Family have a strict policy when it comes to valuables being received (either left with the deceased prior to transfering to the funeral home, or being received by the family at time of funeral arrangements).

We encourage the executor or nominated next of kin to organise for the removal of valuables if they are not to be left with the deceased prior to transfering to the funeral home.

Jewellery and valuable items left with the deceased prior to transferring to the funeral home are itemised and signed off by the family, hospital, nursing home, police or morgue staff.

Once the deceased has been transferred to the funeral home, these items are again itemised and the executor or nominated next of kin will be asked to sign off on whether the items are to be returned or to stay. If a viewing is to take place, valuable items can be returned prior to a viewing or removed after the viewing takes place.  

Please note that only the executor or nominated next of kin are permitted to collect valuables from our funeral home.

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Personalising a viewing can be achieved by placing special personal items with the deceased.
e.g. Photographs, letters, drawings by children, personal objects and items.

These items can be placed prior to the viewing or during the viewing. Please discuss this with our funeral consultants if you are unsure if an item is able to be placed with the deceased. Where a cremation is chosen we ask that you refrain using items with batteries, electronic items, glass or metal objects.

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Our mortuary facility is located at our head office in Kurri Kurri. It was purpose built in 2000 with all new, modern equipment and meeting all of the Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA) accreditation standards. It also meets all Occupational Health and Safety requirements, health regulations and specifications. The mortuary is reguarly inspected by NSW HNEA Health representatives and by local council representatives. We provide a safe and positive working environment for our staff and the mortuary is no exception. 

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