Luke Apthorpe & Family use this professional ash loader to fill urns



Choosing between a burial or a cremation is a personal choice. If you are unsure about whether to choose burial or cremation, we recommend that you talk to our funeral consultants about any concerns you may have.


Many people organise their funerals in advance, but forget to tell their family about what they would like done with their ashes. Planning in advance or telling someone about your decision is a good idea.

Some examples of what could be done:

  • Cremation Urn
  • Memorial Jewellery
  • Garden Urn and Plaque (an alternative to scattering ashes at the family home, the garden urn can be moved to a new location with all the ashes safely contained inside)
  • Interment in an existing grave in a cemetery
  • Collumbarium wall
  • Memorial Gardens
  • Scattered (in an appropriate location, please ask if you are unsure).


It is the personal choice of those making funeral arrangements, as to whether the ashes are to remain in one container or split into two or more containers. 

Some reasons people decide to split ashes into two or more containers:

  • An adult portion of ashes do not always fit in a collumbarium wall niche, it is important to keep this in mind when choosing a collumbarium wall.
  • Family members may be living long distances and wish to keep a portion close to them. Small urns or Memorial Jewellery urns are available.
  • The deceased may have requested that ashes are split, so that a portion can be scattered in a particular location and another portion is to be placed in a family grave with a plaque.  


Ashes can be collected from our funeral home offices or directly from the crematorium. This may take up to 2-3 weeks after the funeral, however requests may be made to the crematorium for urgent collection under special circumstances.

Postage of ashes is possible using registered post, however we do prefer that the ashes are collected by the applicant in person.

Only the applicant or person in charge of making funeral arrangements can collect the ashes from the funeral home or crematorium.