Account Settlement

Our accounts are handled professionally. If you feel you are unable to settle your account within the time-frame we suggest please simply talk to us about your specific needs so we can assist you.

A discount is offered for accounts paid in full by the due date.

Our terms are that 100% of the Dispursements are paid prior to the funeral taking place as we pay these on your behalf on the day of the funeral, or sometimes before the day of the funeral when making the booking. Dispursements include burial or cremation fees, newspaper notices and doctors fees etc.

Our professional service fees and internal services such as printing, flowers etc are to be paid within 7 days after the funeral, however most clients prefer to simplify this and finalise their account in full prior to the service taking place.

Payment of invoices are not subject to the granting of probate, or reimbursement from any Workers Compensation Claim, Insurance Funds, Superannuation Funds or any Government Department.

30 Day Accounts are available to approved clients.

Payment Plans are available to approved clients.

Finance is available. Please note that there are solutions if you are experiencing financial hardship, please talk to our consultants about the options that are available to you.

Where the Deceased held a funeral insurance policy, it is important to notify the funeral insurance company as soon as possible after the death occurs so that the funds can be released to the beneficiary. Please check that you have nominated a beneficiary on your funeral insurance policy. Please provide a copy of the Funeral Insurance Policy to your funeral consultant at the time of making funeral arrangements.