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Our funeral planners can completely personalise a funeral service according to individual preferences and we can guide you through all the options and alternatives available. This website is specially designed to give you ideas on how funeral services can be personalised to create a meaningful tribute.

The overall cost of a funeral is the result of the choices made by the executor or direct next-of-kin in charge of making the funeral arrangements. Our funeral planners will give an overview of fees before any decisions are made, thus allowing families to make informed decisions during the funeral arrangement. Nothing is a surprise when it comes to the final cost as everything is discussed and explained during the funeral arrangement process.

Working within a budget is also easy, we provide dignified and beautiful funeral services regardless of the overall cost of the funeral. We treat all client families equally and everyone receives our specialised personal attention and care. 

You can view the starting costs of our cremation or burial services and also see what is included and then you may personalise the service in any way by adding other services and products such as additional flowers, funeral notices or memorial products. This can help make the decision making process easy.

Our range of services are designed to give you an indication of how much a funeral may cost. We provide a range of levels, to cater for the various styles of funeral services often requested, and these levels reflect a fair pricing structure for the services involved. These fee levels are unique to our company, and designed to ensure we are providing transparent information to our clients and the community.

These services may not be exactly the style of service you require and therefore we suggest a consultation with our funeral arrangers to organise a personalised quotation.

  • Generally we require a deposit prior to the funeral, and the balance is to be finalised after the funeral. Some client families prefer to finalise the full balance prior to the funeral.

  • A deposit is required as dispursements are paid out on the client families behalf prior to the day of the funeral or on the day of the funeral.

  • Credit terms may be applied for. Payment of invoices are not subject to the granting of probate, or reimbursement from any Workers Compensation Claim, Insurance Funds, Superannuation Funds or any Government Department.

  • Where the Deceased held a funeral insurance policy, it is important to notify the funeral insurance company as soon as possible after the death occurs so that the funds can be released to the beneficiary. Please check that you have nominated a beneficiary on your funeral insurance policy. Please provide a copy of the Funeral Insurance Policy to your funeral consultant at the time of making funeral arrangements.

  • Please note that there are solutions if you are experiencing financial hardship, please talk to our consultants about the options that are available to you.

  • Please also consider our Pre-paid Funeral Fund for making arrangements in advance.
  • Prices current from 1st July, 2016 unless stated otherwise.

  • Price increases may occur in future as supplier costs rise and will be charged accordingly.

  • Each funeral service cost is as described. Please contact us if further information is required.

  • All Prices Include GST

Burial Costs
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