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Luke Apthorpe & Family are here for you and can be contacted by phone for immediate, personal assistance. We are available by phone 24 Hours, 7 Days.

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Our staff and consultants are here to support and guide you through your time of bereavement.

If a death occurs at a Residence, it is important to contact us as soon as possible. We are available by phone 24 hours, 7 days. The Doctor or Police may also need to be contacted. If at first you are unsure of what to do please contact us so we may assist you.

When you first call us, one of our funeral consultants will gather information in order to assist you and take the deceased into our care.

At this stage, you may or may not be ready to organise a consultation and we will discuss with you how you would like to make funeral arrangements and when it best suits you and family members to hold a funeral arrangement consultation.

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The Doctor attending to the deceased prior to death will write a medical certificate outlining the cause of death.
If a Cremation is to take place, the Doctor will also write a Cremation Certificate.

Contacting the Doctor

Find the phone number for the Deceased's General Practitioner and advise them of the Deceased's name and location, provide your name and contact details so that the Doctor can organise to view the deceased and prepare a Medical Cause of Death Certificate and if a cremation is to take place the Doctor will also need to write a Certificate for Cremation. The Doctor should make these certificate available to the funeral director before the funeral director can take the deceased into their care.

Contacting the Police

In some cases the Doctor may not be able to write the medical certificate if the Doctor is unavailable at the time of death, or an autopsy or post mortem may be required to determine the cause of death. In these cases it is best to contact the Police who will make arrangements for the deceased to be taken into the care of the Coroner. If the Doctor becomes available to write the death certificate the funeral director can then take the deceased into their care. In circumstances where an autopsy or post mortem is to be conducted to determine the cause of death, a report will be issued outlining the cause of death.


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Luke Apthorpe & Family can take care of organising every aspect of this process, no matter where the Deceased is located (locally, interstate or overseas).

Luke Apthorpe & Family can attend to the transfer and tranportation and can take the deceased into our care at our accredited state-of-the-art mortuary 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are only a phone call away and will be able to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

A funeral professional will attend to the residence, hospital, nursing home or other location to take the deceased into our care.

In some cases where Police are involved, an autopsy may be required by law and a Police Contracted Funeral Director known as "The Goverment Contractor" acts on behalf of the Police to take the deceased from place of death to the nearest Department of Forensic Medicine, commonly known as "The Morgue". The Goverment Contractor does not take the deceased to their funeral home and is not involved in the funeral arrangements. A Goverment Contractor is not permitted to approach family members to make funeral arrangements.

In some circumstances, tranportation may be required straight away or in the first few hours after death.

Please Contact Us for immediate, personal assistance.

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Our funeral consultants can meet with you in person, at your home or any other convenient location. Arrangements can be made over the phone for those who are interstate or unable to travel to our offices. If required, we are also able to make arrangements by web-conference. Our website also allows families to make their choices "online" and this can be self-guided or with the assistance of a consultant.

Our consultants will assist you prepare a fitting tribute and farewell in any non-religious or religious format at any Chapel, Church, Crematorium or Cemetery. We also assist with organising flowers, catering and personalised memorials. Our consultants can do everything for you on your behalf and discuss the many options available to you during a funeral arrangement consultation. You may find it valuable to browse the Arrangement Selections pages and complete the Online Arrangement Form (With our assistance or on your own if you prefer). This can be useful for allowing you to make informed decisions about the choices available to you and the costs involved. Luke Apthorpe & Family have male and female funeral consultants available and if you have a preference please do not hesitate to advise us of your preference.

There are many choices and decisions to make, we have our full range of coffins, caskets, urns, monuments, headstones, catering and memorial stationery options available for you to view anytime online on this website, or one of our consultants can assist and guide you through this process. During the arrangement consultation, family information will be collected to be lodged with Births, Deaths & Marriages. A birth and marriage certificate may be helpful in gathering this information. Our funeral consultants will be able to answer any of your questions or concerns, give options to consider and ideas to help personalise the funeral and create a beautiful and meaningful tribute to the deceased. All required paperwork will be prepared, including an explanation and breakdown of the estimate of funeral expenses, based on the choices made by the family, next of kin or executor.

Please Contact Us for immediate, personal assistance.


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