Your Goodbye

Your Goodbye is driven by a passion to see families united by knowledge and love. Part of that focuses on sharing your personal story with the people you love most. We see it all too often that there are gaps in a person’s life story because they haven’t had the conversation with their families or logged the finer details of their days.

Your story matters

Your Story is a simple way to start the conversation, download Your Story below and begin to complete information about your life such as your earliest memories, your parents and other details such as how you would like to be remembered.

Download a copy of Your Story

It matters to the people who love you and it matters to future generations of your family who will never meet you, but will form a relationship with the person in the story. Most importantly, whether you realise it or not, it matters to you that your story be told and shared exactly how you think it should be. It’s up to you. It’s Your Goodbye.

Do those that matter the most to you know about all the little things that make up your life? Do you know what matters the most to them? We all may know parts but not the whole.

Every story deserves to be told. It’s what makes us unique. Have the conversation now because it cannot be had once you’re gone.

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Sharing stories and talking about life and death
can ease the burden on our family,
why don’t we do it more often?

Complete the “Your Story” booklet together or simply complete the details yourself. In a way, it can become your memoir, an insight of who you are and what shaped your life. It will certainly be a treasured family memento and will make sure those that really matter to you will never say “I wish I knew more” or “if only I had the chance again to ask”.

‘Your Goodbye’ is about your farewell to family and friends. It’s about the final pages of Your Story, but like any good book it takes input and help from others. Your Goodbye should be a collaboration between you and those you love most, so that when the ink dries on your last page; you can all close the book with a sense of ease, understanding, pride and unwavering love.

“The pain of grief is just as much part of life as the joy of love: it is perhaps the price we pay for love, the cost of commitment. To ignore this fact, or to pretend that it is not so, is to put on emotional blinkers which leave us unprepared for the losses that will inevitably occur in our own lives and unprepared to help others cope with losses in theirs.”

– Dr Colin Murray Parkes.

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