Our Terms of Trade
As of 1st January 2017

Our company is able to provide monumental options to suit all budgets. We feel our quotation is a reasonable
reflection of your requests or description, however if you are not comfortable with this quotation for any reason
please contact our consultants to discuss how we can satisfy your requirements. Our company only import the finest quality granites and products to use in our monumental work. Other companies may provide lower quality granite to keep costs down, however these granites are unreliable (e.g. cracking) and we insist on providing the best quality products to our clients for peace of mind. Our company employs Qualified Stonemasons who are skilled and experienced. We construct monuments to Australian Standards with reinforced concrete footings and piers as required.

Quotation is valid for 30 days from the date of quotation.

The specifications on the quotation/invoice will specify the project details. Included in our quote are the costs for Labour, Travel, Administration, Supplies, Equipment, Machinery, Insurances etc. A new standard single monument will typically require 3-4 visits to the site for inspections and construction phases, along with an appropriate number of staff who will either manually lift or machine lift granite into place.

75% DEPOSIT for ALL orders
Balance due on completion within 7 days

We can assist families in making arrangements for interment of ashes into an existing gravesite, however due to Occupational Health and Safety policies we do not offer family being present at the time of the interment.

Where payment is not received within a reasonable time frame and no contact has been made between us and the client about payment dates, we will promptly pass on overdue accounts to our nominated Debt Collector.

We reserve the right to issue a progress claim/s, where the full completion of the monument is held up due to circumstances unforeseen and/or outside of our own control (ie. Waiting on delivery of ceramic photos from Italy, or in circumstances where we have completed the construction but unable to complete the work due to awaiting inscription details, or other client changes requested. In these cases a percentage of the remaining balance would be calculated which represents the amount of work completed.

Currently we have a minimum 10 month waiting time for general projects (Standard Single or Double Monuments). Larger projects and non-standard designs may take up to 12 months or more depending on what is required. These waiting times are due to the demand and volume of work; our team of Qualified Stonemasons are working constantly to produce work for our clients.

We have limited standard stock available and personalised orders are generally cut to size and imported from overseas. We are happy to provide updates for our clients, however at least 4 months is the standard waiting time on the granite to arrive here at our factory and during this time there is only so much we can offer on the update of your project. As such we ask of you to allow the above mentioned waiting time before contacting us on updates of where the project is up to. We work on a first-in-first-served basis.

Our installation team are constantly producing work for our clients, and take every opportunity to be working. Occasionally we may experience logistical and practical problems such as supplier delays, rain or staff illness which may set our schedule back. We record each day that it rains in the cemeteries and we allow for these delays within our 10 month waiting time as explained above. Please note that each day of rain equals between 3 and 5 days of delays if the cemetery conditions have not improved due to muddy and wet conditions. Sandgate cemetery for example is notorious for flooding for several weeks after rain. We take work safety conditions seriously, especially when we need to manually lift granite throughout cemetery paths and construct piers, footings and operating machinery.

We import products such as granite and accessories from overseas countries such as Italy, China and India. We at all times prefer to use our Australian suppliers if possible, however quality always comes first. We can provide cost options if you have a preference for Australian granite over imported granite. For sandstone we prefer to support our local quarry on the Central Coast NSW, but there are waiting times for this which is sometimes equal to or greater than importing granite from China.

When importing we place our orders after your deposit is received and once the design phase is checked and processed. Importing from overseas can generally take up to 12 weeks or sometimes more depending on delays with the shipping company and quarantine etc. Once we receive your personalised granite order the granite is checked for quality and we may re-order any pieces of granite that we feel are not to standard or may have been damaged during transit from overseas. This rarely occurs however it is important to understand that it is a possibility and could cause delays in our installation.

We generally like to have your inscription provided prior to or on acceptance of the quote. This allows us to work out the exact costs for the inscription. If this inscription is not provided to us within the first 30 days after accepting the quotation, this will delay the installation of the headstone or other components requiring inscription.

Email or fax of any changes. Please ensure you study your proof carefully and try to make all necessary changes at once. If you find there are changes that need to be made, do not jump to the conclusion that this is the final look. Mistakes and changes can be easily fixed before the final sign off; this is why we have the proofs to ensure you are happy with the final product.

Due to the uncertainty in the production phase, it is impossible for us to guarantee your monument will be completed by a significant date or special occasion. We cannot accept responsibility for monuments not completed before your “deadline” and no compensation will be offered if this timeframe is not met. As such, we do not offer to complete by special dates and although you can ask, we will not confirm that we can complete your monument by a time that you specify.

Due to natural elements such as water, dust, dirt, mould, fungus and animal excrement it is likely that over time your monument will need cleaning or the lettering refreshed. Unfortunately, no existing monument can be restored to brand new condition however pleasing results can be achieved.
Materials such as Sandstone & Granite are porous and will naturally absorb the natural elements as mentioned above and these elements can form deep within the sandstone or granite pores which can leave stains or discolouration even after it has been professionally cleaned. Natural aging and general wear and tear is out of our control however we endeavour to clean all monuments to the best of our ability without inflicting any further damage to the stone. Lettering on your monument can fade over time due to natural elements; this can happen at any time after we have completed your works. We can re-letter your headstone however this would be at cost to the client. We have no control over the weather and site conditions of where your monument is erected; therefore we cannot be held responsibility for any blemishes, fading or any damage to monument.

When signing, I also give my permission for photographic images of the completed work to be used by Luke Apthorpe Monumental & Stone as examples of work on the website or other marketing materials. We generally remove deceased names from photos so we can show clients examples of our work.

Luke Apthorpe Monumental & Stone do not produce ceramic photo tiles on site. Your selected image is emailed to our manufacturers in Italy for production which is then delivered to us for installation. Most customers do not ask for a proof unless there is a specific request to remove an object from the background or reconstruction of the image due to poor quality. If a proof is requested, you will be charged $32.00 + GST per proof supplied.

Luke Apthorpe Monumental & Stone guarantees new monumental works for a period of 20 years against faulty workmanship. The guarantee does not cover theft, damage caused by vandalism, acts of nature, ground movement or weathered deterioration of inscriptions. Stonemasons have for centuries placed their name on their work, we do this as a guarantee to you that our work will be completed to the highest standards.


Dimensions specified should be taken as approximate and are provided as a guide only. Our company reserves the right to vary or change dimensions for design criteria and/or cemetery regulations. Granite and other stones are natural products which are subject to lines, variation and inclusion and as such our company cannot be held responsible for such occurrences.

Luke Apthorpe Monumental & Stone enforce Work Health & Safety rules and regulations both in our office and onsite at suppliers and installation sites. As such we will not allow any client to be onsite when we are completing the installations and no unauthorised person is to enter the worksite. The perimeter of our worksite will be clearly marked and any unauthorised person that does visit the site will be promptly asked to move behind the work barrier and not interfere with the installation works.

Luke Apthorpe Monumental & Stone are not responsible for any damages due to candle burning that may occur to monuments that include an installed candle box. Our candle boxes are built with adequate ventilation to ensure that maximum air exchange is achieved. We understand that candle burning is part of some traditions/culture and we enforce reading about candle safety before lighting any candles inside the candle box.